Part of A Poem on the Church of God, by John Bunyan

This pastoral passage was first written for LRBC on September 27 2015.

Alas! Here’s children, here are great with young;

Here are the sick and weak, as well as strong.

Here are the cedar, shrub and bruised reed;

Yea, here are some who wounded are, and bleed.

As here are some who in their grammar be;

So here are others in their A, B, C.

Some apt to teach, and others hard to learn;

Some see far off, others can scarce discern.

Although this house thus honorable is,

Yet it is not sinless, many things amiss

Do happen here wherefore these to address,

We must keep to our rules of righteousness;

Nor must we think it strange, if sin shall be

Where virtue is; don’t all men plainly see

That in the holy temple there was dust,

That to our very gold, there is also rust?

This is the house of God, his dwelling place,

It is here we behold his lovely face;

But if it should polluted be with sin,

And so abide, he quickly will begin

To leave it desolate, and then woe to it,

Sin and his absence quickly will undo it.