An Old Travel Guide

This pastoral passage was first written for LRBC on August 30 2015.

Life is a journey, and all people are travellers. Our destination is the important thing about that, as well as what we are doing to make sure we arrive there. This year I have been taking the youth Bible study through John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, and I have recently begun it also with my young adults group. Bunyan was a man who cared about the souls of men and women, and strived to set them on a very specific and unique path: the path that leads to entry into heaven.

Ever since it first left the press in 1678, Bunyan’s famous book has been spurring on eager Christians and prodding sleepy ones into action. The Pilgrim’s Progress illustrates by its fairytale-like settings, characters and landmarks just how important it is to be intentional about progressing in this journey. There are hindrances to overcome and helps to be blessed by. Any form of spiritual ‘autopilot’ we think we might have is not dependable. Bunyan invites us to look beyond “the wilderness of this world” and see the ‘Promised Land’ that is ours to inherit. Bunyan’s book is something of a travel guide – it will guide us through the wilderness and to the goal of our journey. Do not be apathetic to cross the wilderness.

This book will make a traveller of thee,

If by its counsel you will ruled be;

It will direct thee to the Holy Land,

If you will its directions understand.

So – how does your life adorn the doctrine of God your Saviour?