Ready and Waiting

This was originally written for LRBC on March 19 2017.

1 Peter 1:4-5 speaks of salvation as something that is received in the future. Christians may say that they’ve been saved as an occurrence in their past, but there is also an aspect of salvation that they must still wait for. Peter calls it an inheritance, and he uses three words to describe it and set it apart from other things that we wait and hope for in life.

Firstly, he tells us it is imperishable. What we wait for is something that will endure for eternity. It will not wear out or come to an end. The second word he uses is undefiled. ‘Defile’ is a word that indicates that something has been ruined or dirtied, in a spiritual sense. Some things we want are bad for our faith and stunt our progress. What we are waiting for will not do this. Thirdly, our inheritance is unfading. Many desired things lose their sparkle once they are possessed. But the future we enjoy with God will always be rejoiced in.

Concerts end, nice cars eventually rust, new toys and video games lose their allure, and even the longed-for love of your life will at some point pass away. These things may (or may not) be for our good and enjoyment, but we must remember that what the Lord has prepared for his people is for their ultimate good and enjoyment and will last throughout all ages. Our inheritance is ready and waiting for the day that is appointed. The question that matters is this: When that time comes, will you be ready and waiting? What we have in store for us is worth all our preparation and patience.